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Everyone needs a little
help now and again...!

Coaching at the club is available all year round for groups or individuals from our affiliated coach.

Our young teams have done very well in the matches they played which we think reflects our excellent coaching.

We are pleased to have our New expert Tennis Coach

Tim Blackman

We are now pleased to be able to announce that we have   appointed Tim Blackman, a level 4 LTA tennis coach. Tim coached at Richings Park some time ago very successfully and we are delighted that he is now returning to us, to help re-build and re-vitalise the Club, especially our junior section.

Tim comes to us with a host of new ideas to make coaching fun as well as helping build better playing techniques and

match-play. He intends to make our club one of the best in our area.

Tim Blackman
Contact Tim on 07515 488555
Or email Tim at:
I’ve suggested other clubs to Jayden, 
but he says “if Iam going to learn to play tennis 
properly, it’s only going to be with Tim!”
Ms. Ravinder Sangha
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